Hangar 18



Hangar 18 rental

Area 51 in cooperation with 51 Hooligans has opened a new venue just for you.
It has complete lights, sound, equipment, and much more, it’s really “Plug & Play”.

Area 51 wants your event to succeed:

Capacity 250+ people, 18+ or 21+, FULL BAR, Basic security, Side stage – prep area, Ramp for heavy load in / out, Patron seating area(s), Pool table, Soda bar / bar, Access for your patrons to other area(s) of Area 51,
Full Patio with the Mothership grill.

8 Shure vocal Mics,
6 57’s,
4 500W self powered monitors,
5 Shure drum Mics + Drum Riser,
4 600 Watt Altec Lansing dual 15″ subs.
2 700 Watt Yorkville full spectrum speakers,
32 channel mackie sound board (+ Snake),
Intelligent Lighting, Modular staging, merch tables / lighting, and more.

Sound mixing;
Area 51 provides the sound engineer.

In house ticket printing.
We can print tickets for you to sell so that you know that your show is already paid for before you play.

Promotion on FaceBook (15,000 +), instagram (1,500+) and more.

Free rental:
Area 51 & 51 Hooligans are looking to create a place where everyone is successful, happy, and awesome, as Area 51 has other entertainment going on nights that you would use the room, we are looking to give our customers a better experience by having you in Area 51.

Sound Good?
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